Basket size flokati rugs 40x50 cm - apple green

Basket size flokati rugs 40x50 cm - apple green

Authentic flokati - 100% wool with high pile (BRUSH them first please).
The length of hair is 3-4"/7-10cm.

This is a basket size - approx. 50x40 cm.

It is just perfect for photography - fluffy and amazing!

These rugs are of best quality and one can use them for ages :).

It will lose hair in the beginning but it stops after 2-3 washes; it can be machine washed at the lowest temperature and you can brush it afterwards to give a new look :).

VERY IMPORTANT - Flokati rugs get flattened during the transport so once you get it follow the steps:
1. Shake it a few times until it becomes fluffy enough.
2. If it is not satisfactory to you - BRUSH it (!!) with a hairbrush and shake again.
3. Enjoy it for years to come!

Shipped within 14 working days.

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